Scallywompus 2017 Series

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Scallywompus 2017 Series

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Register for all 7 or 8 Scallywompus Events

Special prices for signing for the Alamo Beer Challenge 2017, or the Scallywompous Series of 8 races for women
and the 7 races for men.

The 2017 race series will become much more than in the past.  

One change this year 2017, is to give 50% discount to anyone over 70. Why we want your wisdom, and we want you to mentor the younger runners.  If you have the money, then give some of that savings to our non profit Marrow Match, if you don't, then help the younger runners.  Keep them calm and help where you can.

If you are 16 or younger you can also get a 50% discount.  We want you to be good citizens and be our brand ambassadors to other runners.  We also want your youthful legs and arms to help at at the finish area or where ever you can.  Help clean up after the race.   Also younger runners usually need community volunteer hours for school.  We will supply your school or teacher with a letter if needed to show you have spent time helping.

If you are a vendor and want to get involved we need you.  We have a list of things to do to become a better Scallywompian Vendor.  

We are not requesting that you pay to be a vendor at our events, so in return we do request that you help the event.

1. Bring products or services that are at least the value of a sponsorship if possible.  

2. Post on your social media and ours that you are coming to the event.

3. Help us find volunteers or provide them from your friends, associate and family.

4. Be self sufficient, bring what you need, table, tents, chairs, if you need assistance doing this please let us know we can help you.

5. Send us your logos so we can post them to the right area's and help you get clients.

6. Commit to the runners and show up.

7.  These runners have worked very hard to compete and finish these events, they deserve your respect and your time.  If you show them that you care, truly care, they will show you the respect to do what you ask.

8.  Yes, you have to tell the runners what you want them to do and they will probably do it, if they know you sincerely care about them and their accomplishments.

9. Find other vendors that have the same caring attitude as you and invite them. 

10.  Our goal is to have over 100 vendors at every event.  Can you help us?

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