Texas Hill Country Half Marathon Series

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Texas Hill Country Half Marathon Series

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March 11, 2018

Register here

Race 1 is no over.  You can register here for

races 2, 3 and 4.  

Or just go to the individual races

that you want to run.


4 races series, each race has

options of 13.1, 10k or 5k 

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This will be the 1st year of the Texas Hill Country Half Marathon Series.

Sign up for all four races, you can run them with us or run them in a virtual mode. You get a unique creatively

Medal for each race regardless of the distance.  You can even do the race in virtual mode

Do all 4 events and you do get the coveted bonus medal.

again...medal for each race and a bonus medal if you do all 4.

Now after race 1 each race has a separate price.  We are offering a discount for

those that want to sign up for races 2, 3 and 4, from now until

January 31st.  The discount code is THREERACES this code will give you

25% off.

Gender specific t-shirts and awards 1st through 4th for each 5 year increment

category.  Walkers get awards and medals. 

Regardless of how you run them if you do all 4 you will get the much sought after bonus medal for running all 4.

The 4 races are;

January 6th, Saturday, 2018 ( this race is now over)

1. River Road Run, New Braunfels Texas January 6th, 2018, 13.1 Half Marathon, 10k or 5k

March 11th Sunday, 2018

2. San Marcos Half Marathon, 10k and 5k , San Marcos, Texas March 11th, 2018, 13.1 Half Marathon, 10k, or 5k ( formally MO's Better half for over 30 years)

April 7th, Saturday, 2018

3. Wanderlust Run, Fredericksburg, Texas April 7th, 2018, 13.1 Half Marathon, 10k,  or 5k

April 27th, Friday Night, 2018

4. Carnival of Venice, San Antoinio, Texas April, 27th, 2018, 13.1 Half Marathon, 10k, or 5k

Each race has age group awards 1st to 4th in 5 year increments.  

Each finisher will get one of our coveted finisher medals.  They are awesome.  

Each runners gets a technical t-shirt that is gender specific.

And don't forge the after party.

Also if you register for all 4 races you will get the bonus medal.  If you can not make a race because you have a conflict or an injury, email us at bart@scallywompus and asked to be switched

the virtual race, run the distance when you can and send us your results, you will keep your standing and will be able to get the bonus medal.  Life can get in the way sometimes.

If you sign up for the series we will switch you between events for free and we will switch you to virtual mode as needed for free.  If you sign up for one race there is a $10 switch fee to switch between

distances for each event.

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