San Marcos Half Marathon, 10k and 5k formerly Mo's Better Half

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San Marcos Half Marathon, 10k and 5k formerly Mo's Better Half

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This is the new San Marcos Half Marathon 13.1, 10k and 5k. Mo's Better half passed the torch to

Scallywompus after 33 plus years and now it is up to you to make this old race shiny and new again.

Every finisher, gets a medal. Walkers are in their own category and also get a medal for finishing

and all categories will get awards 1st through 4th place.

13.1 $75

10k $45

5k $40

The routes for this event will be up soon.

Or do the entire 4 race Hill Country Series for $170.  That is a great price for 4 half marathons.  

Even if you do some of the races in virtual mode you will get the series bonus medal.

Also this is race 2 of a 4 race Texas Half Marathon Series.  At each of our races you get a finishers medal.  

If you sign up for this series and finish all four events regardless of the distance you will

get the bonus medal at the end of race 4 in San Antoinio, at the Carnival of Venice Half Marathon, 10k or 5k

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